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How do computer games have influence over our children?

children-laptopOur goal is to show parents that computer games can actually have an effect over the brains of their children. We want to emphasize that the numbers that you see in the right corner at the bottom of the package of the respective game are not there just accidentally and especially when they are colored in red. They are written there to show that these games are NOT suitable for children that are under the pointed age. For this reason today we will introduce you to the dangers that these Continue reading

Place de la Sorbonne 3

Place de la SorbonneNumber 3 of Place de la Sorbonne, revue international annual of poetry from the University of Paris-Sorbonne, appears at the beginning of this month of April 2013.
This review is not a current or a particular aesthetic. It is designed to discover and learn more about, to the widest possible audience, current poetry, French-language or not, in its richness and diversity.
With this third issue, Place de la Sorbonne reached its cruising speed. The magazine has found its place in the contemporary poetic field, grace first no doubt to the quality and diversity of the poets published thereon, but also to what distinguishes it from most other journals Continue reading

Cypress Hill и Sean Paul at Elevation 2012

Cypress HillElevation Music Festival goes on adding quality names to its fascinating program. The new names that will set foot on the Festival’s Main stage along with Fatboly Slim, Erykah Badu, Groove Armada (DJ set), Nneka, Kosheen, Chambao, Walk Of The Earth and Prov Stelar Band, are the kings of hip hop CYPRESS HILL and the Jamaican star SEAN PAUL.
The rap trio from LA: B-Real, Sen Dog and DJ Muggs didn’t hesitate even for a moment to confirm their appearance on ELEVATION MUSIC FESTIVAL 2012 and to fulfill their mission and bring joy to their fans with the first live show here.
For a long time now CYPRESS HILL have been representing peoples’ will and are distinguished with their different view on reality of life in the ghetto and using Spanish language in their songs.
After nine albums that have sold over 20 million copies Continue reading

A few days later

It’s been few rough days lately. On Sunday I was at the second test at the NBU (New Bulgarian Universiy) and I hope I did well. I had 66 (sixty six) points out of 100 at the first one and I think that was a good result, as 98.54% of the other people who took the test had a lesser score. The results from the second test should be available very soon (tommorow, I hope).

After the test I got back home and needed a loong relaxing sleep, but instead I took my time and reorganized my noteook’s files. Surely a time eating process. As usual I stood up late and got to bed well after midnight and today I am like a beaten up – my head hurts badly, my eyes are closing, as I feel so sleepy, as I never felt before.

On the other hand the only thing that still keeps me up is that I got my brand new Buffalo WHR-125G wireless router/accesspoint and I am still playing with it. I will write a review of it tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or when I feel like writing about it 😉 . Surely it’s a great router, from what I have seen/tested for a few hours, though I couldn’t find any way to play with TTL values, but this is a subject of a little firmware touching 🙂 .

P.S. School can damage your brain very hard!!

Biser Perchinkov

A new begining

There it comes – the new begining, which this blog needed for very long time now. Sure enough it has been a while since I last updated this page and this was due to my lack of interest in the subject named ‘blogging’. Now I have gained some interest, or may be I want to explore a new type of communication with the people around the world.

As communication is a two-way process, I want to make the first step and introduce myself to those who don’t know me. I am Biser Perchinkov, 18 years old programmer from the small, Eastern Europe country of Bulgaria. Now you may think if I am Bulgarian, why don’t I write in Bulgarian language as well? The answer is simple – I want to practice my english and I think this is a good way to do that. This will be a dual-language site, of course 🙂 I cannot keep people from my country who don’t speak/read english away from the site, can I? 🙂

About the topics you would see me writing about are mainly related to computing, programming and stuff I personally like, dislike, etc. Don’t expect me to strictly bind myself to programming topics, or to personal stuff. There will be a bit of everything here. If you are interested in given topic, you can browse the categories you like from the sidebar.

I think that’s enough for now. If you want to say something, or share any cool ideas, write me (you will find contact information in the About page).

Biser Perchinkov