by Biser Perchinkov

A few days later

It’s been few rough days lately. On Sunday I was at the second test at the NBU (New Bulgarian Universiy) and I hope I did well. I had 66 (sixty six) points out of 100 at the first one and I think that was a good result, as 98.54% of the other people who took the test had a lesser score. The results from the second test should be available very soon (tommorow, I hope).

After the test I got back home and needed a loong relaxing sleep, but instead I took my time and reorganized my noteook’s files. Surely a time eating process. As usual I stood up late and got to bed well after midnight and today I am like a beaten up – my head hurts badly, my eyes are closing, as I feel so sleepy, as I never felt before.

On the other hand the only thing that still keeps me up is that I got my brand new Buffalo WHR-125G wireless router/accesspoint and I am still playing with it. I will write a review of it tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or when I feel like writing about it 😉 . Surely it’s a great router, from what I have seen/tested for a few hours, though I couldn’t find any way to play with TTL values, but this is a subject of a little firmware touching 🙂 .

P.S. School can damage your brain very hard!!

Biser Perchinkov

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