by Biser Perchinkov

How do computer games have influence over our children?

children-laptopOur goal is to show parents that computer games can actually have an effect over the brains of their children. We want to emphasize that the numbers that you see in the right corner at the bottom of the package of the respective game are not there just accidentally and especially when they are colored in red. They are written there to show that these games are NOT suitable for children that are under the pointed age. For this reason today we will introduce you to the dangers that these virtual entertainments could have.

It is a fact, that we rarely buy computer games in our country, because the sites for pirated software are so many. And after all, the price of 99,50 leva for the “new version” is not exactly affordable for the budget of a normal family. And there is the other side of this, some parents are not so careful and are not really interested what the child is doing when he/she is in front of the computer. As long as the child is having fun, not bothering them with his teenage “crap”, they are calm.

Recently there was a survey which aim was to see the influence that computer games could have over the mind of children and adults. It turns out that the brain begins to feel that influence just a week later after someone has started playing. That was found out by the scientists at the Indiana University School of Medicine. They have put the volunteers under tests and discovered that the boys, who play action games, have changes in the brain, in the areas, related to the cognitive function and emotional control.

Scientists believe that this influence has a long-term effect, but they were not able to establish if these mental changes actually lead to a real physical violence. This condition is known as “pathological computer abuse”, in which children and adults become too addicted to the Internet and video games. This abuse has already been listed as “mental disorder”.

The conclusions that were made on the basis of these results also indicate that these psychological disorders can affect the children when they become adults. With the technology progress, three dimensional graphic becomes even closer to reality, and the sound into the computer games is so real for a long time, that is why we can reach a moment when “players” will stop differentiate which is reality and which is a virtual world.

So parents, our advice is to pay attention to what you are going to give your children as a present for the coming holidays. If you do not have a clue what they are “asking from Santa”, you should ask the shop-assistant some questions about the game. Consider whether the game (this is in case of course when your child has asked for a computer game, not for a dog) is appropriate for your child, because in most of the new games he/she could see murders, drugs, weapons, prostitution, etc. I am sure that you do not want to see your child jumping for joy that he/she “has just delivered the package to this and this dealer”, while “he has been chased by cups on the way and killing everybody around”, isn’t that right?

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