by Biser Perchinkov

Kill PulseAudio, please!

PulseAudio is so damn annoying. I am trying to install Ubuntu 8.10 on a friend’s computer. All went well with the installation, but it didn’t recognize the sound card. So i went with the usual – terminal -> alsaconf -> configure sound card …. but wait… what the?

“alsaconf: command not found”

After this I just look stupid and try not to destroy my monitor. apt-get install alsa-utils, done, alsaconf… not found… what the!? 

After reading through the forums it seems that they have thrown out alsaconf because it broke some dependencies with the packaging system. 

So I was went to uninstalling pulseaudio. removed all packages using aptitude to resolve the deps. reboot -> still no sound. 

I downloaded alsa-utils from and tried to compile it, but some tools were missing and i had to travel to Sofia, so I left it as it was. 

I returned a few days ago, but just today i could work on the problem again. I download alsa-driver, alsa-lib, alsa-util and installed from source. Still i couldn’t load the drivers.  They get loaded as it can be seen from modprobe output, but it’s like it doesn’t know which sound card it is using. The driver is loaded, but still no sound devices detected. I finally gave up and downloaded opensuse 11.0, which i am currently installing and i hope it will just work. 

That’s why i sometimes hate linux… but what can i do, i still like it 🙂

I will write soon with the results from this exercise.

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